United Airlines Will Remain Half Its Size Until Vaccine Is Widely Distributed: CEO
United expects to remain half its size till the end of next year, when CEO Scott Kirby thinks a vaccine will be widely available. But will it be in a position to respond quickly to demand if the company is forced to lay off tens of thousands of employees? -Madhu Unnikrishnan
22/09/2020 16:45:22
Expedia CEO Says Company Overhaul Will Be Done in Time for Travel’s Recovery
Talk about tough love. The CEO of Expedia Group, Peter Kern, is sticking with the tough line despite the pandemic by still demanding a significant reorganization and tech revamp for the online travel giant. -Sean O'Neill
22/09/2020 16:30:10
Tourism Leaders Need to Expect the Unexpected in the Next Decade
From addressing consumer fears to sustainability trends, the business of promoting tourism just got a lot harder. -Matthew Parsons
22/09/2020 14:30:04
Accor CEO Says Corporate Reorg Has Nothing To Do With Covid Impact Despite Massive Layoffs
The global pandemic still impacted Accor's recent corporate restructuring, whether the company sees it that way or not. -Cameron Sperance
22/09/2020 13:45:05
Alaska Airlines Aims for Smarter Pricing During the Crisis With the Help of New Tech
The pandemic has bewildered the airline software that pops out airfares based on historical data. But Alaska Airlines thinks new software will make it savvier. -Sean O'Neill
22/09/2020 13:00:56
Pandemic and Competitors’ Struggles Put JetBlue on Offense During Crisis
While its competitors are struggling with the collapse in business-travel demand, JetBlue's focus on leisure travelers has been a source of (relative) strength. The airline is flouting conventional wisdom and expanding in its competitors' hubs. -Madhu Unnikrishnan
22/09/2020 12:35:55
No Hotel Merger Mania — For Now, Says IHG CEO
There's an element of hopeful thinking from Keith Barr, who's adamant that China is proving there's life yet in the hotel sector. -Matthew Parsons
22/09/2020 11:50:33
Booking Holdings CEO Sees Greater Traveler Awareness in Alternative Accommodations as a Long-Term Boon
Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel said the pandemic had no redeeming value. But his company will coincidentally be well-placed for the recovery thanks to the new consumer awareness of alternative lodging. -Sean O'Neill
22/09/2020 10:45:31
Delta CEO’s Optimistic View Is Covid-19 Will Be a ‘Two-Year Journey’
Under Ed Bastian, Delta Air Lines has taken a prudent approach to managing through this pandemic. The airline is not expecting a recovery for about two years. -Brian Sumers
22/09/2020 10:00:40
Marriott CEO Embraces ‘Hygiene Theater,’ Noting All the Measures Boost Guest Comfort Levels
It's unlikely economic lockdowns are in the cards for preventing future coronavirus case surges in the U.S., and Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson's defense of "hygiene theater" shows what the business community sees as a viable alternative safety measure. -Cameron Sperance
22/09/2020 09:36:41
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