CDC Eases Cruise Restrictions But Warns the Unvaccinated as Covid Cases Return
If you're not vaccinated, don't sail — that's the CDC's latest recommendation on cruises anywhere in the world. For the cruise lines, it's becoming clear that the message is, if you want a fully vaccinated ship, don't sail out of Florida. -Lebawit Lily Girma
17/06/2021 11:05:08
Why Fort Worth Has Become a Leading Example in Responsibly Resuming Meetings and Sporting Events
With an early commitment made in 2020 to safely bring back meetings and events, Fort Worth is carrying the momentum into this summer with a surge of leisure travelers, sports fans, and the return of business events. -
17/06/2021 09:45:50
Airports Go Beyond Contactless Tech to Cope With Returning Passenger Rush
Many airports have pushed through years' worth of digital transformation in months. But are they ready to cope with a rising tide of passenger traffic? -Sean O'Neill
17/06/2021 07:00:41
TUI Might Need to Raise More Cash Without Its British Tourists
Holidaymakers from Britain used to be such a reliable source of income. TUI should now think about cutting back its exposure. -Matthew Parsons
17/06/2021 04:40:13
Spain’s Tourism Leaders: ‘Betting on China Will Be a Game-Changer’
The power of the outbound Chinese market is well known. But is Spain really willing to develop this market and others in Asia or is it just grasping at anything to get back to 2019 arrival numbers? -Jason Clampet
17/06/2021 04:05:56
Portugal Drops Travel Restrictions for U.S. Tourists With Negative Covid Tests
This summer in Europe is one cautious rule change after another on a country-by-country basis, and that's not a bad thing. -Jason Clampet
17/06/2021 03:20:01
UK Travel Restrictions May Ease for Fully Vaccinated Travelers
More countries are deciding that setting different travel rules for the vaxxed from the unvaxxed is the only short-term solution to letting people move more freely around the world. -Jason Clampet
17/06/2021 02:25:15
Hotel Marketing in U.S. May Be Easy for This Summer But Then What?
Hotel rooms and short-term rentals will sell themselves this summer as U.S. travelers rush to take long-delayed vacations. Bookings look strong enough through the fall for industry leaders to think the recovery is real and lasting. -Madhu Unnikrishnan
16/06/2021 15:45:34
Why MGM Resorts Is Placing a Huge Bet on Asia
The panic's over. Las Vegas' gigantic venues will soon be back selling things like concrete and computers at full capacity. Which is why MGM's CEO and president William Hornbuckle is looking further afield for the brand's next chapter. -Matthew Parsons
16/06/2021 15:30:55
Can Lifestyle Hotels Keep the Growth Streak Going?
Lifestyle hotels have become a popular place to unwind for many travelers, and hotel executives are determined to keep the coolness factors that made them an attraction. But growing pains remain, even when the pandemic goes away. -Rashaad Jorden
16/06/2021 15:05:42
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