Amex GBT to Start Trading as a Public Company on May 31
One of travel's most-anticipated SPAC IPOs, Amex GBT made it official Friday. It will start trading as a public company on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, smack into a volatile market. But signs of a fast-improving business travel recovery may be what investors choose to focus on. -Rashaad Jorden
27/05/2022 15:04:01
Electric Cars Hit the Road This Holiday Weekend But Charging Stations Still a Big Hurdle
Electric vehicles are easier to take on summer trips than ever, with the number of charging stations up two-thirds in the last year. But regions differ in availability. -Tim Mullaney
27/05/2022 11:40:00
Online Travel’s eDreams Odigeo Claims a Competitive Moat in Subscriptions
Spain's eDreams Odigeo is building a big subscription program that it claims would be tough to imitate. But do big rivals really want to? -Dennis Schaal
27/05/2022 11:00:00
Japan Doubles Daily Entry Cap for Foreign Arrivals to 20,000
Even as reticent Japan kicked off "test tours" from this week onwards, the authorities haven't yet decided on full-scale resumption of inbound tourism. A rise in Covid cases may lead to a rollback of the current easing. -Peden Doma Bhutia
27/05/2022 04:30:00
Daily Podcast: Airbnb’s Search Shortcomings
Good morning from Skift. It's Friday, May 27, in New York City. Here's what you need to know about the business of travel today. -Jason Clampet
27/05/2022 04:11:00
Summer Vacationers Are Budgeting and the RV Market Is Responding
While many turned to recreational vehicles and outdoor experiences for social distancing and mental wellness during the pandemic, rising vacation prices are forcing Americans to carefully allocate their finances, adding yet another reason to the list of why RVs are the move this summer. -Mary Ann Ha
27/05/2022 04:00:00
Podcast: Inside Sonder’s Tech
Sonder's Shruti Challa spoke with Skift’s Seth Borko at the Skift Future of Lodging Forum in New York City in May 2022. Listen to the full conversation in our latest Skift Podcast episode. -Jason Clampet
27/05/2022 01:27:00
Airbnb’s Search Shakeup Wasn’t Good Enough for Global Nomads
Remote work-friendly homes need to have more than a desk and verified Wi-Fi. Airbnb may have missed a trick after carrying out its "biggest change in a decade." -Matthew Parsons
26/05/2022 23:30:00
Pro-invest Group to Sell $700 Million Worth of Hotels in Australia
Pro-invest's sale of eight select-service hotels in Australia underscores strong demand for hotel deals from institutional investors. Also, Truist talks to Wyndham about acquisitions, Marriott discusses supply chain problems, and more. -Sean O'Neill
26/05/2022 23:00:00
Swiss Travel Startup Chain4Travel Raises $4.5 Million for Blockchain: Travel Startup Funding This Week
Chain4Travel raised money to promote blockchain-based travel sales, but the track record of success is short and the technology's comparative advantage over what travel agencies use now remains to be proven. -Tim Mullaney
26/05/2022 21:30:00
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