Hotels Put New Focus on Mental Well-Being of Workers in ‘Always On’ Industry
Hotels realize that thoroughly addressing their employees' mental health not only helps them retain staff, but goes a long way in cultivating a happy workforce more likely to improve the guest experience. -Rashaad Jorden
30/01/2023 10:00:00
Turkey Plays New Role as Business Travel Hub for Russia’s Displaced Corporations
More businesses from Russia than any other nation are registering offices in Turkey, but the resulting boost in corporate travel could raise ethical questions in the not too distant future. -Matthew Parsons
30/01/2023 06:00:00
AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes Refocuses Back on a Superapp Just for Travel
While "disruptive and different" is still the mantra that Tony Fernandes swears by, he says he's choosing to tread carefully even as he aspires to create an AirAsia Republic. -Peden Doma Bhutia
30/01/2023 04:00:00
Ethiopia’s Post-Civil War Tourism Challenges
Today’s edition of Skift’s daily podcast looks at Ethiopa’s tourism recovery, Alaska Air’s earnings, and a hotel diversity initiative. -Jason Clampet
30/01/2023 02:56:00
Norwegian Airline Flyr in Critical Situation After Failing to Raise Cash
Norwegian airline Flyr's unsuccessful attempts to raise investment funds will see the budget carrier make operational cuts. This survival move is unlikely to see its summer season plans go the distance. -Selene Brophy
30/01/2023 01:46:03
Google Flights Could Shift Strategy After Heavy Layoffs
Why doesn't Google promote Google Travel as a one-stop shop? The layoffs at Google Flights show there's too much ad revenue in play on the side of the flights business to merit such an all-in approach. -Dennis Schaal
29/01/2023 23:30:00
Starwood’s SH Hotels Looks for Developers Aligned on Luxury and Sustainability
Starwood Capital has bet on two trends with SH Hotels. It seems likely that the rich will get richer, boosting demand for luxury hotels. It also seems likely climate change will worsen, increasing the demand for sustainability. -Sean O'Neill
29/01/2023 22:30:00
Skift Future of Lodging Forum: Last Year Vs. This Year
With the Future of Lodging Forum coming to London on March 29, it’s the perfect opportunity to look back at last year’s inaugural event, and share how we will build upon those ideas. Take a look, and be sure to reserve your seat soon as space is limited. -Nicole Meyer
29/01/2023 20:10:23
Albania’s Coastal Airport and Tourism Project Meets Resistance
The government's airport, near the Adriatic coast, is designed to bring in more tourists. But like many destinations recovering after the pandemic, there's a balance to be struck between local communities. Environmentalists aren't happy. -Matthew Parsons
29/01/2023 10:42:21
China Reopening to Boost Thailand’s Tourism Recovery
Chinese travelers, freed from the constraints of the country's zero-Covid policy, are poised to give Thailand a big tourism boost this year. -Edward Russell
28/01/2023 08:50:25
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