Indonesia’s Air Safety Record Faces New Scrutiny After Sriwijaya Air Crash
Saturday's crash of a Sriwijaya Air jet was Indonesia's third in six years, raising red flags. The latest tragedy has investigators looking at myriad potential causes, even cutbacks due to the pandemic. -Tom Lowry
10/01/2021 06:00:39
Alaska Airlines Places 14 People on No-Fly List After Disruptions on Return Flight From D.C.
Flight attendants and other passengers should have to put up with deplorable behavior. Kudos to Alaska Air for banning unruly passengers. -Dennis Schaal
09/01/2021 13:21:45
Cuban Tourism Expands from Beaches to Cities After Some Covid-Controlling Success
It appears that isolation has been key to Cuba's success up to this point. Opening up cities seems like a risky bet, despite the other precautions it has taken. -Jason Clampet
09/01/2021 12:00:37
Hawaii Tourism Backlash and 11 Other Top Travel Stories This Week
This was a big week for tourism lessons, whether from Hawaii or African safari lodges. In other top stories this week, Skift covered flight attendants objecting to rowdy passengers, testing requirements for flights, and Wyndham Destinations' acquisition of Travel + Leisure. -Dennis Schaal
09/01/2021 10:00:41
Indonesian Plane Loses Contact After Jakarta Takeoff
A Sriwijaya Air plane thought to have 62 people on board lost contact after taking off from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta on Saturday and rescuers said suspected debris had been found in the sea off the city. The Boeing 737-500, en route to Pontianak in West Kalimantan, lost contact shortly after taking off just after 2.30 […]
09/01/2021 08:07:21
Trump Organization’s Brokers Ditch D.C. Hotel Sale
The already tall task of finding a buyer at an acceptable price (to the Trump Organization) for the Trump International Hotel in D.C. got even more difficult now that its brokerage firm appears to have dropped the company as a client. -Cameron Sperance
08/01/2021 15:45:25
U.S. Hotel Industry Unemployment Rate Dips Below 20 Percent for First Time Since March
The hotel industry's improved unemployment rate is due more to people fleeing the sector (thus, fewer people unemployed) rather than jobs gained. -Cameron Sperance
08/01/2021 11:45:34
Travelers to England and Scotland Must Show Negative Covid Tests
Boris Johnson and his peers have dithered for months to develop a competent policy at points of arrival. Now that things are worse than they've ever been in the UK we finally have some action. -Jason Clampet
08/01/2021 07:00:09
Lufthansa’s Loyalty Guru Swaps Points for Behind-The-Scenes Reporting
Since May, Bastian Neumann-Semerow has been filming a video series for the airline on all aspects of the Covid-ready flying experience. Make no mistake, it’s an envious job. -Matthew Parsons
08/01/2021 02:00:06
New Non-Gaming Vegas Hotel for Biz Travelers Will Rely on 1960s Design
This developer is breaking the tradition in hotel design, and going after an unpredictable market. What are the odds of this working out? -Matthew Parsons
08/01/2021 02:00:05
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