Vacation Rentals Lose Pandemic Edge and 15 Other Top Travel Stories This Week
This week in travel, Skift covered how the vacation rentals' advantage over hotels during the pandemic has all but disappeared, that climate change will be travel's challenge now and after the pandemic is history, and how Delta is leveraging its SkyMiles program. -Tom Lowry
19/09/2020 10:00:47
CitizenM’s Facebook HQ Hotel Deal Says A Lot About Where Corporate Travel Is Heading
Alliances like this pay off not just for the hospitality groups, but also for those companies wanting to prove to their staffs that it's not all about remote working. -Matthew Parsons
18/09/2020 14:00:59
Skift Global Forum Preview: JetBlue Looks for New Opportunities Beyond the Northeast and Florida
Many U.S. airlines will change after the pandemic. But JetBlue may alter its strategy even more than most. Expect JetBlue to continue to use this crisis to gain more of a nationwide footprint. -Brian Sumers
18/09/2020 10:00:46
Ubicquia Raises $30 Million for Smart Cities: Travel Startup Funding This Week
Innovations that cities are incubating today will serve the travel industry tomorrow, as Skift noted as a megatrend earlier this year. The story of Ubicquia, a smart city startup, makes the point. Potential applications of its tech include resort areas and theme parks. -Sean O'Neill
18/09/2020 01:00:57
Travelport Dodges Bankruptcy Thanks to $500 Million Pact With Lenders
Travelport's backers have won their feud with lenders. Now Siris Capital and Elliott Management's asset management arm need to defeat payment firm Wex in court over a disputed eNett sale. -Sean O'Neill
17/09/2020 17:30:23
Occupancy Rates for China’s Hotels Show First Year-Over-Year Growth Since Pandemic’s Start
Even if recent occupancy gains are tied to a blip in the holiday calendar, Chinese hotels continue to see a coronavirus economic recovery pattern that is the envy of the world. -Cameron Sperance
17/09/2020 16:00:48
Aegean Airlines Adds a Surcharge as Distribution Upheaval Continues
Wow. Yet another airline hurt by the pandemic is rethinking its distribution. -Sean O'Neill
17/09/2020 15:10:47
New Singapore Airlines Deal Signals a More Flexible Travelport on Distribution Tech
Airlines are flying in different directions in the distribution debate. Travelport's deal with Singapore Airlines offers a middle ground between Lufthansa's hardline approach and Air France's cuddlier one. -Sean O'Neill
17/09/2020 13:45:31
The Future of Contactless Tech in Hotels Past the Pandemic: New Skift Research
All the contactless tech that is receiving so much buzz in the hotel industry today predates the current crisis. So it might not be revolutionary, but the impact will certainly outlast the pandemic. -Wouter Geerts
17/09/2020 10:30:11
No Escaping Climate Change for the Travel Industry Even When Covid-19 Becomes a Distant Memory
Masks, social distancing, and vaccines can't stop climate change. It isn't a competition to choose the most dire threat, climate change or Covid-19, because they are interrelated. But taking a long-term view, climate change will be an existential threat to the travel industry, and the world, even as coronavirus fades. -Dennis Schaal
17/09/2020 02:30:57
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