Accor Joins Forces With Hoxton Hotels Owner to Form Lifestyle Brand Giant
Accor CEO Sebastien Bazin previously said lifestyle hotels will be a key source of growth moving forward. By orchestrating a merger with Ennismore and the full buyout of SBE, one the largest hotel deals so far of the pandemic, Bazin just underscored that point. -Cameron Sperance
24/11/2020 12:44:33
Skift Video: Designing the Future of Work, Life, and Travel
In this video conversation from Skift's Design The Future event we hear from Damien Perrot, Global SVP of Design at Accor about the role of design in society's evolution. -
24/11/2020 10:00:34
England Will Use Covid Testing to Shorten Travel Quarantines
It's amazing that eight months into the crisis this is England's first concerted effort to test and track from its airports. It's not alone in it's failure to act, of course, but disappointing nonetheless. -Jason Clampet
24/11/2020 08:30:46
4 Future-Proof Reasons for Travel Companies to Automate Tours and Activities in 2021 and Beyond
Tech innovator and industry leader Livn is doubling down on its API infrastructure to help re-normalize touring and travel activities in the post-pandemic world. -
24/11/2020 08:00:55
How Virtual Platform Second Life Kept This Small Baltimore Museum Going
Plenty of takeaways for businesses from this ambitious project, including the risks when you embrace the digital lifestyle a little too much. -Matthew Parsons
24/11/2020 08:00:16
Skift Aviation Forum Video: Southwest Airlines Returns to Its Business Travel Roots
In this Skift Aviation Forum video we hear from David Harvey, vice president, Southwest Business, about the airline’s strategy to better serve its business travel customers and partners. -
23/11/2020 16:42:22
How the Pandemic Derailed Amtrak From Its Hopeful Path to First-Time Profits
Amtrak had been on track to notch its first operating profit in its 50 years. But the not-so-novel-anymore coronavirus has dashed the hopes of the U.S. national passenger rail system. President-elect Joe Biden is a fan of Amtrak but might have limited options to ride to the rescue. -Sean O'Neill
23/11/2020 16:30:55
Skift Aviation Forum Video: Designing a Smoother Flight Crew Experience in 2021
In this Skift Aviation Forum video we hear from Mike Appleton, president, Hotel Connections and Travelliance, about how the company is helping to simplify the logistics of aviation flight crew scheduling and traveling. -
23/11/2020 16:27:47
Mogul Recruiter’s $20 Million Funding Draws Notice to a New Wave of Data-Based Travel Startups
Airbnb represents a wave of travel startups focused on digitizing supply for e-commerce. But next-wave travel startups, including names like freshly funded Mogul Recruiter and Tourlane, create new products and services by using big data and artificial intelligence. -Sean O'Neill
23/11/2020 14:00:24
Video: Interview With Spirit Airlines CEO Ted Christie at Skift Aviation Forum 🔒
The low-cost carrier business model has been pretty resilient historically to swings in the economy. Listen to what Spirit CEO Ted Christie has to say about that now. -Tom Lowry
23/11/2020 12:05:24
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