Uber Goes Deeper Into Travel With Hopper Deal
Today's edition of Skift's daily podcast looks closer at a Hopper-Uber tie up, Choice Hotels' earnings, and travel spending in the U.S. -Rashaad Jorden
10/05/2023 01:15:25
Is Uber + Hopper the Perfect Fintech Travel App?
This is potentially a big win for Hopper — if it turns out that Uber's UK rideshare customers will want to book flights in the Uber app. Uber is trying to prove that use case. -Dennis Schaal
09/05/2023 23:00:00
Saudi’s Almosafer Trials AI-Powered Chatbot and Voice Search
If ChatGPT drives gains for Saudi's largest travel player, companies worldwide will take note. Plus, this week's news from Red Sea Global, Oyo, Musafir, and other regional companies. -Peden Doma Bhutia
09/05/2023 22:00:00
India Daily: UAE and Saudi Arabia Talk Rail Links With India
Let’s hope that the cross-continental connectivity project isn't just talk. Plus, the day's news from Air India, AHS, Lords, Sarovar, Pride Hotels, and other Indian players. -Amrita Ghosh
09/05/2023 20:00:00
Vacasa Says Travelers Are More Fickle in Vacation Rental Bookings
These things we know are true: Travelers change their booking patterns in response to changes in prices and weather. Travel companies change their finance chiefs when profit is elusive. -Sean O'Neill
09/05/2023 19:41:33
Airbnb’s New Strategy to Re-Engage Gen Z
Airbnb's strategy boils down to this: Staying relatable to the typical 26-year-old could give the company an edge over rivals who often woo older travelers. -Sean O'Neill
09/05/2023 14:50:43
Skift Webinar: How AI Can Improve the Airline Customer Experience
In a recent webinar, FLYR Labs and Avianca joined Skift to discuss how airline business models are evolving to keep pace with traveler expectations. With pressure to adapt to today’s real-world challenges, AI is enabling a step change in airline commercial performance and customer experience. -FLYR
09/05/2023 12:15:41
Skift CEO Shares Update on Short-Term Rental Summit
Hear a preview of our Short-Term Rental Summit happening next month in New York City from Skift CEO, Rafat Ali. -Nicole Meyer
09/05/2023 11:36:50
Expedia to Power Travel for Mastercard-Connected Banks
Expedia Group has a strong – and growing – business to business segment that is about a quarter of its overall revenue. Booking Holdings and Hopper are nipping at Expedia's heels. -Dennis Schaal
09/05/2023 09:45:00
Choice Hotels Propelled by Guests Blending Business and Leisure
Choice Hotels has defied U.S. economic uncertainty. One reason? The blended travel trend has extended its stay post-pandemic. -Sean O'Neill
09/05/2023 09:30:51