Ryanair Thinks It Will Have Lots of Flights to Spain This Summer
Spain's vaccination rate is low, and England's own program is slowing. It's probably a good time to check in on what Ryanair's change fees will be this summer. -Jason Clampet
25/03/2021 03:40:25
Travel Companies Selling Their Offices Reinforces Remote Work’s Staying Power
Whether HQs are phased out due to cost-cutting, restructuring or a genuine desire to adopt remote work policies, the net result is the same: more people looking for spaces to collaborate. -Matthew Parsons
25/03/2021 02:30:01
Best Western’s Boutique Hotel Push Faces Onslaught of New Competitors
Best Western’s expansion from economy, roadside hotels to boutique brands in recent years faces stiff competition coming out of the pandemic. The company can be a success if, and only if, more of its long-time operators upgrade to the boutique model. -Cameron Sperance
25/03/2021 02:00:39
Hopper’s New $170 Million Financing Led by Capital One Will Expand Online Travel Loyalty Biz
More blurring of the lines between travel technology and financial services, and the latest example of investors seeing potential in the sector's return. -Matthew Parsons
24/03/2021 13:30:42
Airbnb’s Supposed Independent Host Clubs Are Run by the Company: New Report 🔒
Airbnb's stealthy financing and leadership of supposedly grassroots host clubs around the world to pursue the short-term rental giant's advocacy agenda may be an effective tactic, but it furthers a false narrative about the nature of the company, and it is a blotch on its reputation. -Dennis Schaal
24/03/2021 11:00:58
What Tourism Can Learn From Chile’s Setback Amid Record Vaccination Rates
Vaccine success is already boosting the economy and consumer confidence in Chile. But another Covid surge shows that a cautious approach in tourism recovery efforts is imperative alongside the vaccination race. -Lebawit Lily Girma
24/03/2021 10:00:38
Summer of Vaccines Stirs Hope After Sickly Year for Mexican Tourism
A vaccination confidence boost, coupled with pent-up demand, could well lead to a surge in American tourists heading for south of the border. The signs are promising. -Matthew Parsons
24/03/2021 09:30:33
The 100 Virtual Work Startups Disrupting And Substituting Business Travel
Virtual work startups are expecting a decline in travel for work across direct impact categories. But how can software be used as complementary to business travel instead of as a replacement? -Reem Abdellatif
24/03/2021 07:00:35
The Reputation of the Ugly American Tourist Won’t Be Easy to Shake
If tourists from the United States are unofficial ambassadors to the world, then the worst among them are ensuring that local residents will resent them and more destinations will erect barriers to entry. -Dennis Schaal
24/03/2021 02:30:08
Hotels Switch to Next-Gen Tech to Sell Rooms Via Online Partners
It's taken years for hotels to adopt an array of new technologies and business practices to improve selling travel online. The metaphor is like shaking a bottle of ketchup. Little appears until a lot suddenly comes out. Similarly, hotel digital innovation may come rapidly after a long wait. -Sean O'Neill
24/03/2021 01:00:14