Tourism Leaders Bemoan a Flawed Travel Recovery Without Chinese Tourists
Speakers at the World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit in Saudi Arabia this week were full of optimism, but the final piece of the jigsaw is still China. -Matthew Parsons
29/11/2022 11:05:00
Hyatt to Buy Dream Hotels in Up to $300 Million Deal
Hyatt would boost its footprint in New York City and the lifestyle segment worldwide with this transaction. -Sean O'Neill
29/11/2022 06:42:02
Expedia’s CEO on the Great Opportunities in Travel
Listen to Peter Kern, CEO and vice chairman of Expedia Group, in conversation with Skift's Rafat Ali. -Jason Clampet
29/11/2022 06:10:00
Oyo Still Wants to Go Public
Today’s edition of Skift’s daily podcast looks at Oyo's wished-for IPO, Context Travel's pre-tour homework, and Delta and Air France/KLM's sustainability efforts. -Jason Clampet
29/11/2022 02:44:39
Day Tours Operator Context Adds Pre-Trip Virtual Learning
Post-pandemic trends are shifting the customer experience in educational tours to include pre-trip immersion through virtual tours. Their value cannot be underestimated. -Selene Brophy
28/11/2022 23:00:00
Full Video: Delta, Air France-KLM, and McKinsey Talk Sustainability at Skift Aviation Forum 2022 
Climate change risks taking a direction in years ahead that could endanger our grandchildren. This panel talk does a good job of capturing the current state of airline thinking about whether aviation will reduce its carbon emissions. -Sean O'Neill
28/11/2022 22:30:00
Roseate Push Into UK Boutique Hotels Emphasizes Local Flavor Plus Indian Tradition
Can a company based in India create a thriving luxury boutique brand in Britain? Perhaps. Bird Group's Roseate aspires to be the first brand to truly pull off the trick. -Sean O'Neill
28/11/2022 22:00:00
Potential U.S. Rail Strike Prompts Call for Lawmakers to Intervene
The ongoing railroad-labor standoff poses billions of dollars in economic damages and key stakeholders called on Congress to intervene. -Selene Brophy
28/11/2022 09:20:00
Saudi Arabia Unveils Plans for Massive Airport Expansion
Saudi Arabia's enormous investment in its tourism infrastructure is a critical part of its strategy to attract 100 million tourists annually by 2030. -Rashaad Jorden
28/11/2022 06:51:50
The 2.56 Million Flyers Screened Sunday at U.S. Airports Was a Pandemic High
U.S. airlines for the most part avoided the cancellations mayhem seen earlier this year, and that's a major development. -Dennis Schaal
28/11/2022 06:20:00