Correctly plan the route, study the intricacies

In order to have a good rest, it’s not enough just to buy a tour and pack your suitcase. It is important to correctly plan the route, study the intricacies of the direction, and be smart as well. Today we will share 10 life hacks for unforgettable travels. Go!
1. Additional bonuses from the hotel for free
When booking a hotel, write to them directly (or through the service where you are looking for accommodation) that you have an engagement or anniversary with a soulmate. No one will check, and an upgrade of a room or a bottle of champagne with fruit in your room is provided to you.

2. 10 times think, 1 - book
Holidays during traditional holidays (Christmas, Labor Day, etc.) have their advantages: you don’t need to ask children for leaving school or ask your boss live your work ... But the cost of this trip can grow up to 50% compared to other dates. Think, if you are ready to overpay. Plus, on popular days, crowds of tourists will accompany you everywhere.

3. Hint for planning
When choosing travel dates, pay attention to local holidays and seasonal natural phenomena. Perhaps you think when to fly to Paris, and do not know that in late March and early April there are sakura blossoms and the fountains in Versailles begin to work. And there is a grand carnival in Rio de Janeiro in late February and early March (in 2020 it will be held from February 21 to February 26, it's time to book tickets at In Russia, by the way, there is also something to see. There is the opening of fountains in Peterhof In St. Petersburg May 16, 2020. The show is not inferior to Versailles.

4. The main thing is safety
You need to think a few steps forward in a foreign country. Write down the telephone numbers on paper: the consulate of the country, emergency services and the hotel with the address. It’s very important, don’t write it to your phone, because the phone can be discharged at any time.

5. To refuse a car rental is a crime
There are places where you find yourself without a car and you regret it. There is a high risk of not seeing even a half of the most beautiful places. For example, there are many long distances in Los Angeles (USA) without the subway at every step. And the famous point of interest is the Highway No. 1!
And also Crete (Greece) - you simply can’t stay at the hotel there - the island is too big and picturesque. We refuel the car, download off-line maps, take snacks, water - and go ahead, to meet new impressions. Important: it is better to take care of a car rental in advance: read reviews about companies, compare their prices and book a car, as well as pay for insurance and study the country's traffic rules carefully.

6. Choose non-trivial routes
There are 193 states in the world (and unofficially - 252 countries), and you dream of Shakespeare's Verona or the white beaches of the Maldives? Dubai skyscrapers or Cappadocia balloons? Allow yourself to expand the boundaries and save on the low popularity of destinations. At you can book flights and hotels in Iran at the best prices. Flights to Esfahan from 50$! Want to know what to see in Iran rich in history? Write comments and we will make a selection in the next article.

7. We are already there - how to save?
Option №1 - Breakfast: In a developed country, a considerable amount will be spent on cafes / restaurants without All inclusive meals. Case: How to save money on breakfast. We rent apartments with a kitchen and cook it ourselves. Products bought at a local supermarket will cost you several times less. Of course, in Bali / Goa with their tiny prices and the freshest fruit, this life hack is not useful.
Option №2 - Water: Water for a walk is a necessary thing, especially in hot climate. Case: We buy large bottles of water at the supermarket in the evening and pour them into small ones for walking.

8. Bon appetit!
When you are in another country, use all possible ways to plunge into its atmosphere and feel the culture. This can be done not only on walks in monuments of architecture. A must-have item in your program: local cuisine. Do not be lazy, find out from the residents the most “thirsty” cafes, markets and fairs and try traditional dishes. You will finally have a puzzle about the country with the first bite!

9. Do not rate a country by its capital
If you were in Paris, this does not mean that you were in France. The city may seem dirty, noisy and uninhabitable due to the year-round influx of tourists. But it is worth leaving from the capital - you will see another France. Neat houses with perfectly trimmed bushes, lavender fields and insanely friendly French. After a long journey, you can get to the gardens of Etretat, on the English Channel. Love at first sight is guaranteed!
P.S. If you have already found Les Jardins d’Etretat and saved this location (we are sure you did), we advise you to get there on a rented car.
The law “Do not rate a country by its capital” works everywhere. Therefore, if you have in your program for a week or two not only “beach, beach and beach again” - look at something new in the area.
We assure you that you will get much more impressions from this trip. And why then again to go to the same country, when they are in the world ... Who remembered?

10. Internet, thank you for being!
There are still tourists who come to the famous museum / palace / cathedral or even a ferry without tickets bought in advance. If you are an advanced traveler, you can skip this point. And to all those lucky ones who have not yet stood in line for the coveted ticket for 5 hours, we strongly recommend finding out whether it is realistic to buy it at the box office and will it be more expensive? For example, everyone who wants to get into the legendary Vienna Opera buys tickets for the year!
We hope the tips were helpful. Do not neglect them and use them for unique trips! Are we missing something? Share your life hacks in the comments soon. We will be useful to each other. We wish you to hear the cherished as soon as possible: “We landed at the airport of the sunny city, the weather is over +25 and you will have a fascinating journey!”