Visa Delays Could Cost U.S. an Estimated 6.6 Million Visitors in 2023 and $12 Billion
Newly released estimates on the impact to the economy from visa wait times are a bad sign for a recovering travel industry — and clearly the blame is growing against a State Department that shows no signs of resolving the unprecedented delays. -Dawit Habtemariam
06/10/2022 11:05:00
Caribbean Destinations to Seek Compensation for Climate Change Impact on Tourism
Caribbean nations have long been vocal about the impact of climate change on their tourism industries. But their demands for compensation are getting louder as natural disasters increasingly wreak havoc on their economies. -Rashaad Jorden
06/10/2022 09:30:00
Full Video: IHG CEO Keith Barr at Skift Global Forum 2022
IHG CEO Barr covers a lot of ground in this conversation at Skift Global Forum. Watch him discuss the global hotel brand's hacker attack, headwinds, evolution, strategy, and more. -Dawit Habtemariam
06/10/2022 06:00:00
New Sri Lanka Low-Cost Airline Will Compete Against the National Carrier
Will Peter Hill pull off a SriLankan Airlines with FitsAir? No pressure for this returning aviation veteran. -Peden Doma Bhutia
06/10/2022 04:45:00
Virgin Atlantic Ends Flights to Hong Kong After 30 Years
Virgin Atlantic's decision to drop flights to Hong Kong is a major sign that ongoing closure of Russian airspace isn't going away anytime soon. -Rashaad Jorden
05/10/2022 10:30:00
Hotels Raise the Bar on Mocktails With Eye on Health-Conscious Travelers
Hotel brands increasingly showcasing non-alcoholic drinks is a major shift considering hotels have long viewed alcohol as a significant revenue producer. But the growing emphasis on healthier travel has steered them toward a major opportunity to increase profits. -Rashaad Jorden
05/10/2022 09:30:00
Sonesta Bets on Smaller Biz Group Meetings With New Loyalty Scheme
The fast-growing hotelier has launched a loyalty program called "Business Pass" with a focus on micro-events. The sticking point is only about a fifth of Sonesta's portfolio is onboard. -Matthew Parsons
05/10/2022 07:00:00
Full Video: Booking Holdings CEO Glenn Fogel at Skift Global Forum 2022
Online travel giant Booking Holdings looks a lot like it did in 2019, only with a better ground game in vacation rentals and more product innovation. -Sean O'Neill
05/10/2022 05:15:00
Japan’s Prime Minister Vows to Raise Tourism Spending to $35 Billion
The chances of an economic recovery will be boosted by a stronger dollar coupled with the relaxation of travel restrictions, but as with most other nations, inflation remains a danger. -Matthew Parsons
05/10/2022 04:45:00
American Express Travel Sees an Advanced Bookings Surge
Today’s edition of Skift’s daily podcast looks at a leading travel agency’s optimism, one destination’s digital nomad edge, and a London airport backing down. -Jason Clampet
05/10/2022 03:59:52

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