Hilton Expands New Cleaning Standard in Pitch to Host Meetings and Events Pre-Vaccine
It will be a while before group meeting and event revenue streams have fully recovered for hotels, but plans like Hilton's are needed to give clients confidence to begin thinking about returning to the kind of in-person events that also boost hotel occupancy rates. -Cameron Sperance
13/07/2020 00:35:49
Announcing Skift Global Forum 2020 as an Online Conference
Skift Global Forum 2020 will truly live up to its promise of being global — and affordable — as an online conference, discussing and deciphering the recovery of our industry in 2021 and beyond. -Brian Quinn
13/07/2020 00:30:03
Hungary Imposes Quarantines on Arriving Citizens and Other Travelers
Hungary is cracking down hard on arrivals except from Croatia, which is a favorite vacation spot for Hungarians. It's a curious exception because Croatia now is facing its own surge of coronavirus cases. -Dennis Schaal
12/07/2020 11:15:28
The Great Contactless Experiment at Dallas-Forth Worth Airport
It looks like it took a devastating pandemic to bring much-needed technology upgrades to airports. All eyes will be on DFW in coming months. -Tom Lowry
12/07/2020 09:15:37
Hotels Worry About Legionnaires’ Disease as Buildings Reopen From Pandemic Closures
Smaller hotels face the most risk. They may not have kept water flowing during the pandemic and might have let dangerous bacteria build up in their pipes. -Sean O'Neill
11/07/2020 15:15:46
Disney World Parks Reopen in Florida as Pandemic Charts Uncertain Course
The happiest place on Earth is a place of mixed emotions right now. -Sean O'Neill
11/07/2020 13:15:48
European Countries Are Confusing Travelers With Inconsistent Border Controls
Tourists in Europe face a myriad of conflicting and changing restrictions. So some aren't crossing borders, postponing the sector's recovery. -Sean O'Neill
11/07/2020 11:15:31
A New Controversial Surcharge and 10 Other Coronavirus Travel Stories This Week
In coronavirus-related travel stories this week, Skift covered a controversial surcharge, the uneven pace of a travel recovery, Expedia looking to pay off private equity investors, and United and Choice Hotels job cuts. -Dennis Schaal
11/07/2020 10:30:43
Turkey Changes the Tourist Magnet Hagia Sophia From a Museum to a Mosque
Officials still want Hagia Sophia to draw about four million tourists a year. But authorities may obscure some of the structure's glorious mosaics and frescoes to comply with interpretations of Islam that ban the portrayal of people and animals.  -Sean O'Neill
11/07/2020 09:15:15
A Rare Travel Winner This Summer Weighs 10 Tons, Gets 18 Miles to the Gallon
With international travel still difficult, and social distancing likely to continue for a while, RVs are an increasingly popular vacation option that allow travelers to go away but still feel the safety of home. -Korey Matthews
10/07/2020 15:15:03

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