Allegiant Air’s Rare Feat: Higher Revenue Than 2019 and a Profit
Allegiant Air CEO Maurice Gallagher thought returning to 2019 levels of flying would be as easy as "turning on a switch." He was wrong, and disruptions cost the airline millions during the third quarter. Still, Allegiant managed a rare pandemic-era achievement by turning a profit and increasing revenues vs. the 2019 period. -Madhu Unnikrishnan
27/10/2021 15:45:00
Accor’s Recovery Fueled by Asia’s Zero-Tolerance Covid Policies
The strict approach to new coronavirus cases in major Asia-Pacific countries has hotel companies like Accor banking on other parts of the world for faster, consistent returns to normal. -Cameron Sperance
27/10/2021 11:30:00
U.S. Issues First Non-Binary Passport
Countries like the U.S. issuing passports with a new gender marker is a powerful acknowledgment that people who don't identify as male or female are becoming more prominent in the world. -Rashaad Jorden
27/10/2021 11:15:00
Grab and Western Superapp Confusion
Grab emerged as a leading superapp because of conditions specific to Southeast Asia. Don't look for U.S. and European copycats to get traction. -Dennis Schaal
27/10/2021 11:15:00
Hilton Gets a Surprising Boost From Business Travel
Don't rule out the little players. Small and medium-sized businesses are largely back on the road, and that's helping lift Hilton's profit margins. -Cameron Sperance
27/10/2021 09:10:00
Mobile Commerce’s Growing Opportunities for Travel: Latest Skift Research
Mobile is already the primary device for travel planning in the majority of the world. Still, mobile bookings are yet to surpass desktop bookings in volume or value. Undoubtedly, travel companies need to increase mobile investments while also deploying an overarching multi-device strategy to engage customers throughout. -Varsha Arora
27/10/2021 07:30:00
How Wyndham Uses Customer Data to Put Guests First
Frequent stays and in-person interactions have long been the standard building blocks for traditional loyalty programs. As travel experiences blend with the digital, contactless world, hotel brands must sharpen their abilities to gather first-party, personalized data from customers throughout the journey. -Amperity
27/10/2021 07:00:00
5 Ways 5G Will Transform the Air Travel Experience
5G has the potential to significantly impact the air travel experience and enable numerous process improvements. Enhanced connectivity will benefit both travelers and employees by improving everything from passenger processing and security to baggage management and retail operations. -Verizon
27/10/2021 06:45:00
Why Is the UK Boosting Taxes on Long-Haul Flights?
Tourists will be footing the higher rate with a new "ultra" long-haul tax as part of plans to reduce emissions just as international travel is starting to ramp back up. Still, many businesses will welcome the reduction in passenger taxes on short-haul flights. -Matthew Parsons
27/10/2021 06:15:00
Mobile Apps Are Already Changing Layouts for Hotel Design
Future hotel guests arriving at their destinations may see reconfigurations to public spaces in response to apps that are changing the way customers interact with the property. -Paula Schaap
26/10/2021 22:30:00

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