The Biggest Challenge to Tourism’s Recovery in 2021
On the eve of a new year, albeit with vaccines on the distant horizon for most of the world, Covid's curve is nowhere near flattened around the globe. What lies ahead for the industry is clear: pushing for tourism's restart while curbing flare-ups and stop-and-start scenarios. -Lebawit Lily Girma
28/12/2020 02:30:48
A Pop-Up Business Hotel in Singapore: If You Build It, They Will Come … or Not
The Singapore government is at it again — but as previous travel corridors have shown, it's risky business. -Matthew Parsons
28/12/2020 01:30:57
Pandemic Travel Buzzwords We Hope Get Left Behind in 2020
Hygiene theater. Pivot. Revenge travel, and many more. It looks like it's going to take a lot more than a pandemic to end the travel industry's love of pithy, jargony buzzwords and phrases. -Tom Lowry
28/12/2020 00:30:22
U.S. to Require Negative Covid Tests for Inbound Airline Passengers From the UK
Voluntary measures by airlines were just made mandatory by the U.S. government starting Monday. Smart move, since there are so many unknown variables about this new strain of coronavirus. -Tom Lowry
25/12/2020 07:31:53
Brexit Miracle Arrives But Losing Freedom of Movement Will Hurt Travel
Friends again, with trading and security topping the new Brexit accord. But travel businesses with a European presence will be examining the fine print as questions remain over borders. -Matthew Parsons
24/12/2020 13:00:45
Executive Q&A: How The Hospitality Customer Experience Will Evolve in 2021
After a year that challenged the hospitality industry like never before, it’s time to take stock. In this interview with Medallia’s Geoff Ryskamp, we explore what the sector can learn from 2020, and what the future might hold for guest experience. -
24/12/2020 09:16:18
Why Barcelona Is Becoming a Hub for Travel Startups
A new study highlights Barcelona's recent growth as a hub for travel startups. A rich tourism history, a sun-dappled location, and a favorable cost-of-living. The pitch is certainly attractive. -Sean O'Neill
24/12/2020 08:30:51
The Biggest Challenge to the Recovery of Hotels in 2021
Leisure travelers proved there was pent-up vacation demand once travel restrictions lifted. Hotel owners need the corporate travel and events sector to follow suit in 2021. -Cameron Sperance
24/12/2020 02:00:07
Expedia’s Shuttering of Another Brand Points to a Clash of Online Travel Strategies
Stay deep or go wide? Online travel companies from Expedia to Airbnb and are grappling with these issues. Focusing on core products can clearly be a winning formula, but when you are a public company, pressure to generate growth from new areas is a constant conundrum. -Dennis Schaal
23/12/2020 14:00:19
Video: A Candid Talk on Conservation and Equity in the American West at Skift Short-Term Rental & Outdoor Summit 🔒
Striking a balance between the need for tourist dollars and protecting fragile ecosystems and sacred sites is a growing challenge, particularly in the American West. The pandemic has driven people to the great outdoors. Catch up with some innovative ideas here that are addressing these concerns. -Tom Lowry
23/12/2020 08:00:56

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