Refund Policy

1.Terms of refund for services
Dear Customers, we would like to inform you that when requesting a refund, if you refuse to make a purchase, the refund is made only to the same Bank card that was used to make the payment.
According to these terms and conditions, the user independently makes reservations for flights, hotels, and transfers on the site and assumes all costs and risks that may occur due to entering false or erroneous data.
Before purchasing air tickets, hotels, and transfers, the user must read the rates, exchange rules, rules of the return of the selected service from the provider (airline, hotel, or transport company) on the service provider's website.
The user agrees to the terms and conditions of the service provider that they purchase on the site Violation of these terms may result in cancellation of the service without a refund.

Conditions for cancellation of the ticket booking.
Refunds can be involuntary or voluntary.

Involuntary refund:
- failed carriage of a passenger on an aircraft caused by the passenger's delay at the airport due to the duration of the inspection, if no prohibited substances or items were found during the baggage inspection or personal inspection of the passenger;
- failed departure of the passenger due to the inability to provide him with a seat on the flight and the date specified in the ticket;
- flight cancellations or delays;
- performing a flight not on schedule;
- changes of the transportation route by the carrier;
- incorrect ticket registration by the carrier or authorized agent;
- failure to provide the passenger with service in the class specified in the ticket;
- sudden illness of the passenger or illness or death of a member of his family, together with him on the aircraft, which is confirmed by medical documents;
- failure of the carrier to connect flights in the case of a single transport.
Also, the air company may recognize the passenger's refusal to travel as forced in other cases.
In the event of a passenger's forced refusal to transport or a passenger's forced change to the terms of the passenger's air carriage agreement, the carrier makes a note in the transport document or issues the passenger with a document confirming the above circumstances.
In case of involuntary refusal, the passenger is refunded the fare paid for air transportation

All other refusals of the passenger from transportation are recognized as voluntary.

Hotel cancellation policy.

The user has the right to unilaterally cancel a fully or partially paid hotel by sending an email to the Support service at
Cancellation of hotel reservations is possible in accordance with the rules established by the hotel administration. It is necessary to study all the booking conditions at the stage of choosing a hotel and room.
If the number has already been paid for, but you need to cancel it, there are two options. The amount can be returned in full or a certain percentage can be withdrawn from the card – this depends on the conditions in force at the hotel or on the booking system's website.

Transfer cancellation policy
The user has the right to unilaterally cancel the transfer paid in full or in part by sending an email to the Support service at The transfer may be canceled in one of the directions, if the round-trip route was agreed between the User and the Carrier, according to the rules established by this section and the terms of cancellation of the Transfer in full. The User changes the essential terms of the Transfer (such as the start time of the Transfer, the Transfer time, number of passengers, vehicle class, etc.) equal to cancel Transfers initiated by the User, wherein the Carrier has the right to refuse of Transfer in accordance with the changed conditions.
The company shall fully compensate the funds to the User transferred to the Company's account as a full or partial payment for the Transfer, in the following cases:
(A) the User has canceled the transfer or changed its essential terms before the end of the cancellation period set in the agreement of the Transfer terms (this period ends no more than 48 hours before the agreed start time of the Transfer);
(B) the transfer was not initiated by the Carrier or the Company. A request for a refund of funds transferred as payment for the Transfer may be clamed by the user of the Company within 4 (four) months from the agreed date of the Transfer. After the specified period, such requirements may be clamed by the User directly to the Carrier.
In other cases, the Company is not obliged to return funds to the User.
If the User or other passenger for whom the User made an order does not appear at the agreed place of Transfer within 60 minutes at airports, sea or river passenger ports, 30 minutes at railway stations and 15 minutes in all other places from the moment of the agreed start of the Transfer, the full or partial payment will not be refunded.
If it is prescribed in the terms of the Bank and/or payment system through which payment is carried out funds to be returned to the User in accordance with the present Agreement, may be debited from the Company account in the same currency in which they were debited from the User's account and credited to the card and/or Bank account of the User in the currency of that account through the conversion procedure.

2.There are problems with payment on the site

- not enough money on the card;
- use-by date of the card has expired;
- error when entering the number, password, date, CVV/SMS code, cardholder name;
- Your Bank has set a restriction or ban on paying for services via the Internet.
What to do?
- call the Bank's customer support service. The phone number is on the back of the card;
- retry payment in 20 minutes;
- make a payment with another card.

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